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There once was a young man and seeker on a very sincere quest to solve
the greatest puzzle of all, unlocking the mystery and understanding the
meaning of life.

Early in his quest he joined a small legalistic and fundamentalist evangelical movement and spent several years devoted to perpetuating the beliefs of this organization and recruiting others to it. While doing so, he delved deep into the scriptures, seeking to draw closer to an understanding of God and God’s relation to humanity. In his studies he found parallels between the religious rulers of the time of the scriptures and those of the modern day.

You see, like the Pharisees and Sadducees of biblical times, the modern day religious rulers seemed to have forgotten love as the central theme for their teachings and had become bound by legalities and semantics and got caught up in battles of articulation. Like the religious rulers of Christ’s day, many of the modern day religious leaders had once again forgotten that the laws presented by Moses were made for man and not man for the law. More importantly, the laws were given in love as a guideline to help mankind as we evolve and mature in our spiritual understanding. In time, the man ultimately realized that he had received the benefit of all the teachings available in this organization and left the church, a bit discouraged, but in search of continued enlightenment from God.

After several years of visiting various churches of differing denominations and meeting many who felt that they had found the ultimate “truth”, the seeker decided it was time to gain a better understanding of non-western teachings and ideas. He had always been taught that believers of such teachings were heathen, following a false belief system, but how could he know of their falseness without first grasping their principles and doctrine?

Through the years, and through the conduit of many teachings and teachers, the young man became more and more open to understanding Mercy, Grace and most of all Love! You see, God had opened the door of opportunity for him and had allowed him to experience individuals from different backgrounds, perspectives and faiths. He was also allowed to see that these individuals were on a path not unlike his own and in pursuit of the very same truth he so desperately sought. For years the seeker read every popular inspiration book he could get his hands on and embraced every “chance encounter” with the teachers brought into his life. Knowing there was a bigger picture, he continued to pray and meditate on the one question that continued to haunt and perplex him: why so many beliefs and why so many religions? If we are truly one people on this planet we call Earth, when we all want the same thing, why must we be as divided as a people? We are really all just a small planet hanging in the universe filled with people who all crave the same thing… to love and to be loved! The desperation for complete understanding began to grow inside the man, until it felt to this man like his heart would explode!

Watching national and world news became so painful that it was difficult to handle. Seeing wars over religion, the very thing that should be bringing us together, fighting over cultural and racial differences and the incredible amount of suffering taking place in humanity became heartbreaking and unbearable. What the seeker didn’t realize was that he was being given one of the greatest gifts he could ask for and his prayers were in fact being answered. He was being allowed to feel compassion, heartbreak and most importantly an understanding of the Love that God feels for all creation. The pain he was now feeling, like a plow in the field, would prepare the once hardened soil of his heart for the seeds that would be planted during the visit from Spirit and ready him for a miracle harvest that would change his understanding and his life forever! What follows is this individual’s incredible awakening experience.